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Seeds and Tales
is a creative project that explores biodiversity.

The exchange of native seeds has existed since the earliest times of humanity. The goal of  'Seeds and Tales' is to bring awareness to the land trhough the beauty of ultra-macro photography of Brazil's rare and ancestral seeds. Along with the exchange of seeds, comes the exchange of knowledge, history of our land, and consequently, the vast variety of cultures in our country.​

Large-scale conventional agriculture is behind the destruction and desertification of native forests. They reduce organic diversity through the use of  monoculture with species such as corn, soybeans or eucalyptus, knowing that the agro-industry has greater predictability of the quantity of that crop and that the crop can be commercialised. However, this planting logic is antagonistic to the foundation of nature which is based on diversity and abundance to balance itself.

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Everything humanity has, from food to paper, from fabrics to wood, comes from a seed. Each seed has a unique genetic memory, DNA, and cultural meaning.

While guaranteeing sovereignty of native people for generations to come, such as quilombola communities, small farmers in the favelas, seed collectors and all groups who are marginalised by the large industrial production system, we try to pay homage to the people who use harvesting to survive, and who hold the fundamental knowledge about each seed.

We believe that art can be an educational tool in our relationship with the environment.

One of the guiding pillars of the project has always been respect and exchange with the genetic guardian communities that have crossed our path. 'Seeds and Tales' has a commitment to the seed guardians involved in the project. Part of the proceeds will be reinvested in the communities involved.

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Riccardo Riccio is the artist and creator

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Trovão Tropical - planting and protecting our forests

Just as great storms are heralded by thunder, we believe our mission will herald a new dawn of understanding and respect for nature's processes. Ancestral knowledge of plants and eco-systems combined with our high-tech advancements will guide us along the path to reconciliation between mother nature and her planet.

We live in a highly destructive relationship with the environment. Although a necessary part of humanity, agricultural development has begun to exploit our planet in a predatory way.

Trovão Tropical seeks to remedy this exploitative structure and to find new approaches to live and interact with nature.

As a company, we seek to reintegrate human beings into the natural processes of our planet. We believe we can better maintain our home planet through the implementation of regenerative agricultural projects, the protection of tropical bees, and promoting a lifestyle more integrated with the environment around us.

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